Customize your storefront using WordPress and the GoDaddy Reseller plugin

You can use the GoDaddy Reseller plugin for WordPress in order to create a customized storefront for your customers.

The minimum requirements to use the GoDaddy Reseller plugin are as follows:

PHP 5.4 or later
WordPress 4.6 or later

  1. Set up your free hosting account on the Managed WordPress platform.
  2. Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  3. Hover over Plugins in the side bar, and then click Add New.
  4. Search for GoDaddy Reseller.
  5. Click Install Now.
  6. Click Activate.

Congrats, your plugin is now activated! Any changes to product pricing in the Reseller Control Center (RCC) will automatically propogate to your product changes in the WordPress site. Watch the following demo videos on how to use the reseller plugin.

Note: These demos were created on the Managed WordPress platform. WordPress can be customized to use different themes, plugins, and fonts, so what you see in the videos may be different than what is in your dashboard or finished WordPress site.

Create a product landing page

Customizing your WordPress reseller website

Editing product posts

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