Install Microsoft SQL Server Express and myLittleAdmin with Plesk

Your server running Plesk offers built-in tools to install both SQL Express, as well as myLittleAdmin.

  • SQL Express is Microsoft's free version of SQL.
  • myLittleAdmin is a web interface that lets you interact with the databases you create through SQL Express.

Install SQL Express and myLittleAdmin

  1. Log in to Plesk.
  2. Go to the Server tab.
  3. In the Plesk section, click Updates and Upgrades.
  4. Click Add/Remove Components.
  5. (Optional) Select that you want to install myLittleAdmin.
    Install myLittleAdmin
  6. Select the version of MSSQL you want to use.
    Choose SQL Server version
  7. Click Continue.

After installing SQL Express, you can create databases by going to the Database tab.

If you installed myLittleAdmin, you'll want to make sure it's set as the default admin panel for MSSQL.

Set myLittleAdmin as the Default Admin Panel

  1. Go to the Server tab.
  2. In the Server Management section, click Server Components.
  3. Next to Microsoft SQL Webadmin, your default admin panel displays.

    If myLittleAdmin displays, you're done!

    If any other value displays continue to the next step.
  4. Click Microsoft SQL Webadmin.
  5. In the Microsoft SQL Webadmin section, select myLittleAdmin, and then click OK.

You can access myLittleAdmin by going to the Databases tab, and then clicking Webadmin next to the database you want to use.

Next steps

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