Missing images in WordPress

Sometimes, when all or some of your images are no longer visible, you have a permissions issue with those files or folders. You can use the steps below to diagnose and fix permissions issues.

Checking for permissions issues

  • You can test to see if an image has permissions issues or is missing by going to the URL of the image in your browser.

    Example: http://example.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Capture.png

  • If you get an error trying to get to the image, it is either missing or has improper permissions.
  • Before checking permissions, it is best to verify the file exists first. You can find the URL to an image from within the Media Library.
  • Connect to your hosting with FTP.
  • You can browse to the file image in question by going to the /wp-content/uploads folder and locating it within the contained folders.
  • If the file exists, follow these steps to review the permissions of your /wp-content/uploads folder.
  • If the uploads folder or the files within do not have read or web visible permissions, they will not be visible and you will need to update them.

If setting permissions did not make your images viewable or the image was not present in the folder, you may want to try uploading the image again and adding it back to the page.

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