Outlook 2007 incorrectly displaying image captions for emails

This is an interesting issue that's isolated to Outlook 2007. The 2007 version actually has limited HTML support and uses a proprietary Word rendering engine to display HTML. Whereas other versions of Outlook tend to use Internet Explorer to render email.

Adding a caption below any small image in a mixed Text & Image module causes an issue where the caption actually jumps above the text, instead of displaying correctly below the image.

There are two ways around this issue.

  • Include the caption as part of the image, and not as separate text. You can do this in any image editing program, or use PicMonkey online.
  • Simply do not use a caption for the mixed module images. Since the large full-size image captions display fine, you could consider re-arranging your design to use the full size images, instead of the mixed module images.

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