Parallels Plesk Panel Windows IP Address Configuration with a Hardware Firewall

This process updates Parallels Plesk Panel database records, modifies network adapters settings, reconfigures FTP and WWW servers, and updates DNS records.

To Change Server IP Addresses

  1. Remote desktop onto your hosting server.
  2. Run Plesk Reconfigurator.
  3. Select Change Server IP Addresses.
  4. In the window, select the IP addresses to change.
  5. To map to a new IP address:
    • Select Create New IP Address.
    • Enter IP Address and Network Mask.
    • Select the appropriate Network Interface Name.
  6. To map to an existing IP address:
    • Select Map to Existing IP Address
    • Select the appropriate address.
  7. Click Next.

Note: IP address allocation is monitored. Attempting to add IP addresses to your server that have not been purchased is a violation of your terms of service agreement and may result in the suspension of your account.

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