Retrieving Your WHMCS License Key for Updates

Your Reseller VPS account is provisioned with the latest version of WHMCS® installed. However, if an update is released and you want to upgrade, you will need your WHMCS License Key.

Before you update WHMCS, you need to retrieve the WHMCS License Key from your Virtual Private Server (VPS).

To Retrieve Your WHMCS License Key

  1. Log in to your server using SSH. For more information, see Logging in to Your Server.
  2. Type the following command:
    cat /etc/whmcs.key
  3. Save the WHMCS License Key that displays.

Use your License Key to update WHMCS.

To Update WHMCS

  1. Go to, and then enter your WHMCS License Key.
  2. Download WHMCS onto your local machine.
  3. After downloading the latest version of WHMCS, follow the instructions at

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