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Trouble with setting up email with an external domain

Please remember, it can sometimes take up to 48 hours for DNS record changes to take effect. Be sure you've waited the appropriate amount of time, before worrying.

If Then
You see the error message: We can't create [email address] until you verify that you own this domain Click Help me fix this to get your TXT record to verify your domain ownership.
You see the error message: Check your MX records and try again You may have extraneous records in your external domain's DNS.
You are not receiving email after 24 - 48 hrs. You may have extraneous records in your external domain's DNS.
After you verify your domain ownership with a TXT record, you can't remember your Office 365 DNS details Log in to your GoDaddy Office 365 account, and click Help me fix this
You don't know how to change your DNS records at your domain provider Check for your provider in this list, we may have instructions for you.

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