Using Intuit QuickBooks' Data Exchange

After Intuit® QuickBooks® Web Services are set up, Quick Shopping Cart receipts can be sent to QuickBooks. Quick Shopping Cart orders created after the start date you specify can be transferred to QuickBooks. After an order has entered the Shipped status, Quick Shopping Cart automatically transfers invoice data to QuickBooks.

The data exchange is scheduled to run automatically, twice daily (unless you change this frequency in the QuickBooks Web Connector). You can also force a data exchange manually by using the QuickBooks Web Connector Update function. Depending on the security settings you select during setup, the data exchange may require the QuickBooks application to be open when the exchange takes place.

QuickBooks returns confirmation information after each data exchange. This connection information displays in Quick Shopping Cart. After the data exchange, you can use QuickBooks to view the Quick Shopping Cart receipts associated with the item account chosen during setup.

For more information on using QuickBooks, refer to the QuickBooks Quick Start Guide.

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