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GoDaddy IT Services Agreement
Last Revised: 19-05-2019
  1. Description of Services

    GoDaddy IT Services.
    We offer varying GoDaddy IT Services, powered by Bask (“GoDaddy IT Services”) plans, which can include the following services:

    • Antivirus Protection. Antivirus Protection includes preventing threats that traditional antivirus software can't stop. Actively blocks threats like worms, rogues, dialers, trojans, rootkits, spyware, exploits, bots, and other malware. Use your computer and mobile devices with confidence and peace of mind.
    • Data File Restore. Data File Restore includes restoring files from your data backup or moving them from one computer to another.
    • New Computer Setup. It doesn’t matter if it’s a PC or a Mac, desktop or laptop, we’ll help you set up everything the way you want it. We’ll remove bloatware, setup your Wi-Fi and network settings, sync to any subscribed cloud services, set up desired power settings, and more.
    • New Device Setup. GoDaddy IT Services will help you set up any Apple or Android device. We’ll help you connect to Wi-Fi, setup your non-GoDaddy email, and sync to the cloud. We’ll help you personalize your device so you can feel confident using it.
    • OS Upgrade. Whether you use a Mac or PC, we can help. We can take your computer through the upgrade process so you don’t have to worry. Once the upgrade is complete, we’ll show you what’s changed so you can feel confident using your computer.
    • Printer Setup. We'll help you connect your printer to your computer and a wireless network (if possible).
    • Social Media Access Settings. We can help you adjust your account settings to protect your privacy and personal information so you stay safe online. We’ll also teach you how to use a social media platform of your choice.
    • Software Install/Uninstall. We can install or uninstall any standard software on your computer for you. We’ll also show you how to run updates, uninstall unwanted software, and set up shortcuts to access your programs faster.
    • Tune-Up. Getting a tune-up quarterly identifies and prevents several issues that can slow down your computer, including viruses and malware. Tune-ups ensure that your computer is functioning like it’s meant to with improved speed and efficiency.
    • Virus & Malware Removal with GoDaddy IT Services Deep Clean. Malware is any type of program used to attack or damage computers, including viruses, spyware, adware, worms, and Trojans. It can record your passwords and steal your information. It’s often difficult to remove because bits of code are scattered inside other applications to hide them from your computer’s operating system. A deep cleaning of your computer will ensure we remove every little piece of malware from your computer.
    • 3rd Party Server SSL Certificate Installation/Configuration. We'll install the encrypted data on your server so that you can secure/encrypt sensitive communication between your site and your customers. This isn't applicable to GoDaddy hosted websites.

    GoDaddy Shopper ID. In order to purchase the GoDaddy Paid IT Services, you must already have a GoDaddy Shopper ID and have created a GoDaddy account.


    Intellectual Property. You represent and warrant that you have the necessary rights to any data, software programs, or services that you use in connection with your access or use of the GoDaddy IT Services and that such activities do not infringe the intellectual property or other proprietary rights of any third party.


    • Bask Terms and Conditions. We offer a variety of GoDaddy IT Services. The GoDaddy IT Services are available for purchase as stand-alone products and some are occasionally included for free with the purchase of other products. Your use of the GoDaddy IT Services is subject to the [Bask Terms and Conditions](https://www.bask.com/terms-conditions) and [Bask Privacy Policy](https://www.bask.com/privacy-policy), which is hereby incorporated by reference, including but not limited to terms therein governing privacy and the handling of your data. You hereby consent to the processing of your data and personal data by GoDaddy, Bask, and their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, and service providers. You hereby acknowledge and agree that Bask may collect, use, transfer, disclose, and otherwise process your data, including personal data, as described in the [Bask Terms and Conditions](https://www.bask.com/terms-conditions) and [Bask Privacy Policy](https://www.bask.com/privacy-policy).
    • Nanoheal End-User License Agreement. As part of the GoDaddy IT Services, you may be required to download and install a HFN, Inc. Software product, in order for a Bask agent to perform the GoDaddy IT Services. By installing, copying, or otherwise using this Software product, you agree to be bound to the terms of the [Nanoheal End-User License Agreement](https://nanoheal.com/eula/), which is hereby incorporated by reference.
    • Auto-Renewal Terms. In lieu of any language, contained in Section 10 of the [Bask Terms and Conditions](https://www.bask.com/terms-conditions), pertaining to the Renewal of Customer’s Paid IT Services, the Auto-Renewal Terms in Section 13 (A) of the GoDaddy Universal Terms of Service shall apply.
    • Refund Policy. In lieu of Section 9 of the [Bask Terms and Conditions](https://www.bask.com/terms-conditions), pertaining to refunds; the GoDaddy Refund Policy shall apply. In addition, for GoDaddy Paid IT Services, you shall not be eligible for a refund if the GoDaddy IT Services breakfix solution has already been performed.